Membership Benefits


Exclusive deals for members only from local businesses you may already be doing business with!


Featured 'trade table' at meetings enabling you to position your promotional material for all to access.

FREE listing of your business on the Chamber website, as well as access to all other members' listing to help you shop locally.


Two regular monthly breakfasts where you can enjoy a delicious breakfast and network with other business owners and decision makers in a relaxed environment.

Attend one, or both - it's up to you!

Hundreds of members to connect with, with more joining every month, so you'll always have new people to network with.

Meet Federal, State and Local Politicians regularly attending our meetings and events, enabling you to address politicians directly with your ideas and concerns.


Get even more exposure of your brand, products and service with Sponsorship Opportunities for Breakfasts and Corporate events, such as the Annual Business Distinction Awards!


Regular newsletters and updates about local events and opportunities.

Discounted "internal" advertising rates for even more exposure to the Chamber Members.