Logan Junior Chamber of Commerce

The Vision

The Logan Junior Chamber of Commerce will provide high school students within the Logan school district, our future community leaders, with connection, collaboration and engagement to professional business & industry leaders of Logan and surrounding areas.

The Logan Junior Chamber will further enhance pride, leadership, community engagement, growth and innovation for our next leaders.

The launch will involve high school students from Logan schools – State, Independent and Private, to form, conduct and accomplish a Junior Chamber of Commerce incorporating set monthly committee meetings and breakfasts.

Participating students will gain access to business employers, industry connections, Local, State and Federal Government representatives, inspiring guest speakers and community minded people who all have a focus of seeing the youth of our schools be successful and achieve their goals.

Students will be offered an opportunity to be a committee member taking ownership and responsibilities such as:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • School Liaison
  • and Public Relations

The exposure from being part of the Junior Chamber of Commerce is an integral part of growth, development, leadership, professionalism, work-readiness, management and life skills.


Photo by tribesh kayastha

Schools Invited To Attend

  1. Marsden SHS
  2. Springwood SHS
  3. Woodridge SHS
  4. Mable Park SHS
  5. John Paul College
  6. Park Ridge SHS
  7. Shailer Park SHS
  8. Kingston College
  9. Redeemer College
  10. Browns Plains SHS

Students can include

  • School Leaders
  • Potential leaders
  • Students from Year 9 through to Year 12
  • Students who don’t have opportunities to engage in community or volunteer however have an interest to be involved.